Anonymous asked: Your parents?

Especially my father, yes.


Anonymous asked: Hey. I think it´s time to start a new chapter. A chapter without texting you. Don´t think I didn´t like you, I just think it´s time for me to move on and get away from Tumblr. I hope you get what you wish for. I hope you will be happy. I enjoyed writing to you in the past months, yet I think I want to concentrate on my real life right now. Have fun with whatever you do and keep your head up. Bye, Cassie P.S. If you are sad or disappointed just remember there are people who love you. Remember it.

Well, then I want to wish you all the best for whatever is coming!
I hope you will get into the university you want and I hope you’ll like it there!
I enjoyed writing to you, too. I think I’ll miss you.
If you ever want to write to me again just do it. I’m always here.


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Anonymous asked: I mean...how? Who hurt you? Why? :(

How? By breaking me.
Who? Someone I believed to love me. Someone I thought I could trust. Someone I thought would always be there for me. Someone who knew me from the moment I was born. And literally everbody else I ever got in contact with.
I have no idea why.


Anonymous asked: Hurt???



Anonymous asked: What would be your trauma you are dissociating from?

Being hurt so much that I don’t know how to breathe. Maybe.



alright listen

just because you dont break skin or use a razor doesnt mean it cant be self harm

just because they never hit you doesnt mean it cant be an abusive relationship

just because you can communicate in some circles doesnt mean you cant have anxiety or socializing issues

just because you have a good day doesnt mean you cant have depression

Do not let your perception of how your struggle should be silence you. Your problems are real and they deserve attention.

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Anonymous asked: Belated happy birthday! What did you get? And where have you been for vacation? Do you own a horse? And what is its name?

I got some old books (Schiller’s collected works from 1825), “Feldpostbriefe aus Stalingrad” by Jens Ebert (the letters soldiers sent home from Stalingrad), an amber-necklace (one with small stones - like the ones babies have when they get their first teeth), lavender, a liquorice-plant and a goldsmithing-class. Oh and I got a “Thomas William Hiddleston”-calendar from my lovely Anna.
Aaaaand I had a pancake torte (like the one from Petterson and Findus).
I was on Spiekeroog for vacation, that’s a small frisian island in the North sea. No cars, only few people, a lot of tea and the sea wherever you go - Hanna-perfect.
No, sadly I don’t own a horse, but I always ride the same horse. Her name is Penelope, everyone calls her Lottie (long story). I love her so much! She is super-lazy and quite slow, but as soon as we get into the fields she is faster than any other horse. She is very calm and friendly, and simply the sweetest thing ever.


the-other-b-is-for-bastard asked: Well I haven't studied French (yet) so I can't say if I consider German as easier in some areas. And yeah I can pretty much tell you everything about Finland. On the topic of Swedish, there are a lot of Finns who speak Swedish as their native language. These people live mainly in the coasts of Finland (there's a pretty good map on this on wikipedia's page "Swedish-speaking population of Finland".) I have two friends whose native language is Swedish.

I don’t like it at all, to be honest. Some of my friends studied French in school and they said it’s very hard to learn, but when you think about all the grammatical rules in German it’s not easier. I must honestly say that I hardly know any grammatical rules for German, I just know what’s right. But I guess that’s always the case with your native language :)
Please tell me everything!!!
Wow, that’s very interesting! I wish I could travel to Finland!
So do your friends speak Swedish with you? And what is the “basic language” for all the classes at school in these specific areas?


Anonymous asked: What are you doing these days? And how are you? And a weird question...what is your biggest wish for life?

I was on holiday and yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my family and my best friend. Today I was in Hamburg most of the time because some people from my family from Aachen are staying here and I had to show them around. I will spend tomorrow with them, too.
And today, me and my friend spent a lot of time on our horses who were running through the fields as if they were crazy. We had lots of fun!
I’m quite okay. I have to.

I could start telling you things like “I want to publish books” or “I want to have horses” or something like that, but to be honest my dream is to be happy.
We always want what we can have, don’t we? That’s what makes us human, this being so fragile and to be so easily broken. I don’t like it.


the-other-b-is-for-bastard asked: Oh and on the question concerning German. Well I'm sorta linguaphile and my school offered courses in both German and French(I couldn't take both, they were scheduled to be at the same time) so I sorta went with German partly because I considered the vocabulary and pronounciation to be a bit easier for me and partly because my brain claims that it's a more useful language to know. (And yes I've also studied Finnish, English, Swedish and Italian)

It’s the same with me, too. I just love languages and they come to me quite easily.
Do you still think the pronounciation and the vocabulary is easier?
Yep, it’s a very useful language to know! It holds a divine beauty, and to be abled to understand it in the exact way it was meant (and not translated) is something I am very happy to be gifted with as I was born in Germany. I highly appreciate the fact you wanted to learn German! Do you like it?
I chose Latin in school because I didn’t like french. Sadly we didn’t speak it. At the moment (additional to the Scandinavian languages) I’m learning Occitaine because I read so much about it and it’s not as annoying as Paris French. As well I’m trying to learn Russian and already learned Spanish for the last three years.
I just love languages. Kinda :)


the-other-b-is-for-bastard asked: Well Finland was part of Sweden for 200 years, or at least the southwestern part of Finland(which happens to be even these days called "Finland Proper")... (Finland has been independent for only 97years) Finland has always prior to 1917 been part of either Sweden or Russia. Due to the Swedish reign over Finland Swedish was for quite a while the language used in all political and legal things and it still holds itself a status as the other official language.

This is very interesting! Can you tell me more about it?
I want to know EVERYTHING!!!

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